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About Us

I have had the privilege of having this breed as family members for over 13 years. I, Milissa Wise,  own my own company, Expert Heavy Equipment (EHE), so I have the freedom to enjoy my dogs all my waking moments.  

I do not have any traditional children, so Frenchies are my children.  I truly have them in the forefront of life decisions to ensure they have the best quality of life possible.  Because my income comes directly from the revenues generated from EHE, I am a truly hobby breeder by definition.  

I made the decision to breed to ensure we have complete control over all the decisions made focusing specifically on health.  This does not mean that every dog produced is going to have 100% perfect health. That would be unrealistic and misleading. Prior to owning a Frenchie, it is imperative to know and understand the medical conditions that the Frenchies are predisposed too. Dogs may or may not develop one of the conditions listed under the 'About the Breed' tab.  The responsibility of the breeder is to make decisions that will ensure that health is the number one priority.  

What Makes Us Different?

  • We include in the purchase price a 12 month pet insurance policy from Nationwide.  The buyer will be responsible for the $250 annual deductible and the 20% of the expenses not covered by the policy.  French Bulldogs are expensive to own and this is our commitment to ensure your new family member has the best care possible.  

  • To build buyer trust and confidence, we can agree to receive funds through  The buyer is responsible for the escrow fees.  The buyer can escrow the agreed upon amount.  After meeting their new family member , the buyer can release the funds.  

  • We do not ship.  We feel it is important to meet the potential new owner in person.  We want the new owner to fall in love and we want to be present when that happens.  If it is not a fit, then there is no obligation to buy.  We want everyone to be happy as they will become part of our family.    

  • We health test the parents and the puppies alike for:  CMR1, DM, HUU and JHC. 



What Makes Us Different
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