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Learn More About French Bulldogs

French Bulldog Origins

In summary, the breed's origins are England, France and the United States spanning 150 - 200 years ago. During this time period, the breed has undergone physical transformations...

Possible Health Issues

There is no guarantee that the French bulldog you purchase is 100% free of hereditary health issues, but through a responsible purchase and annual visits to the veterinary clinic the possibility is reduced or certainly easier to manage ...

Why Are Frenchies So Expensive?

Often people don’t fully understand why French Bulldogs are so expensive. so we took the liberty to provide some insight into the expenses that are incurred...

Tips for How to Take Care

Training puppy to go outside, how to deal with summer heat, some water tips, how to protect your puppy against fleas, ticks and heartworms, about a remedy for chewing, how o groom them properly...

About Us

I have had the privilege of having this breed as family members for over 13 years. I, Milissa Wise, own my own company, Expert Heavy Equipment (EHE) , so I have the freedom to enjoy my dogs all our waking moments. I do not have any traditional children, so my Frenchies are my children. I truly have them in the forefront of life decisions to ensure they have the best quality of life possible.  Because my income comes directly from the revenues generated from EHE, I am a truly hobby breeders by definition...


  • Gender: Male

  • Color: Standard Cream

  • Age: 4.5 years

  • Hobbies:  Policing the other Frenchies in the house.


  • Gender: Male

  • Color: Lilac Cream Pied

  • Age: 2.5 years

  • Hobbies:  Funtime Organizer


  • Gender: Female

  • Color: Chocolate Pied Brindle

  • Age: 3 years

  • Hobbies:  Co-Organizer of Funtime


  • Gender: Female

  • Color:  Lilac Irish Pied

  • Age: 2 years

  • Hobbies:  Snuggling 


Upcoming Litters:

  • TBA

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Purchase Process

To qualify as a Pawrent for one of our Frenchies, you must complete our Puppy Application. Upon Approval, you will receive a Puppy Contract. Upon receipt of the signed Puppy Contract, You will be required to make the initial non-refundable deposit.

At 7 weeks, you will need to make your puppy selection. Final balance will be due prior to pick up or shipment...



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